Love and Mercy

From the posts on Facebook, it appears to be teacher appreciation week in the U.S.  In Jamaica, today is teacher appreciation day. However, the teachers at Bosco deserve to be recognized year-round (not that other teachers don’t!). 

Mary was challenged to get secretly get all of the boys to sign a card for their teachers throughout the day. At 2pm, Sr. Susan called an assembly and recognized each of the seven teachers. 

  (WSU group lined up at the assembly) 

One of the boys read a poem, thanking the staff for their hard work. Then one student from each class presented a medal to their teachers and then kissed her on the cheek! I can imagine the same scene happening at any all-boys school. Chants, laughter and blushing faces as it was decided which boy had to kiss his teacher on the cheek! But it really was precious to watch! 

There are five teachers at the school, plus a computer teacher and Ms. Turner, the principal. These people are incredible. They’ve been here as long as I can remember. When everything in the boys’ lives is changing, these teachers are a constant. They provide the stability, the tough love and the support that these boys need. What we do in two weeks, they do year-round. 

  (The boys signing their teacher’s card.)

And this final picture is too good not to post. Sr Mimi often finds herself correcting and reprimanding the boys. But today, she was overjoyed to be among them and watching them to recognize the staff!  She and Sr. Susan really love these boys and love being with them!

Ps. I’ll try to post more pictures of the WSU students tomorrow! I realize this latest post doesn’t have too many of them pictured!



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